The spirit of Protestantism 2: James Packer's Damned Soul Splits Hell Wide Open, Pt 3

Gavin says "we shall in this Part 3 consider Packer in connection with … issues of general councils, idolatry, sodomy, & more. … Galatians 5:20,21 concerning 'idolatry,' 'that those which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God'." "II Thessalonians 2:3 calls the Papal Antichrist, 'than man of sin,' & … in Daniel 7:25 … the Papal Antichrist 'shall … think to change … laws.' And 1 of the 'laws' of God he … changes is the 2nd Commandment. … 39 Articles, Article 35 … says 'If they had known of God's Word but as much as the 10 Commandments, they should have found that the Bishop of Rome was' 'an horrible blasphemer;' 'lest the poor people should know too much,' 'the Bishop of Rome' 'would not let them have as much of God's Word as the 10 Commandments wholly & perfectly, withdrawing from them the 2nd Commandment'." The "fact that Article 35 of the Anglican 39 Articles ... not only says there are 'SIX Councils which were allowed & received of all men,' which … with Articles 8 & 21 means the creedal & Trinitarian teachings of these 6 councils; but … condemns the idolatrous so called "7th" general council of Nicea II in 787, means … the Anglican Church in North America … Constitution & Canons … which says, 'Concerning the SEVEN Councils of THE UNDIVIDED Church, we affirm the teaching of the first 4 Councils & the Christological clarifications of the 5th, 6th & 7TH Councils, in so far as they are agreeable to the Holy Scriptures,' gives a dishonest anachronistic Romanist view & semi-Romanist Eastern Orthodox view." "Packer … who was the Theologian Emeritus of the Anglican Church in North America … did not use his position to speak out against this heresy & idolatry."

Nov 5, 2020
2 Thessalonians 2:3; Romans 1
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