Andrew McAfee

Testimony of Pastor McAfee:
The Lord has been so good to me! Here is a brief overview of my testimony:

I spent most of my childhood in Xenia, OH, while attending Charity Baptist Church, in Dayton OH. Dr. Greg Estep was the Pastor while my father attended the Charity Bible Institute. In July of 1995 at the age of 9, after hearing a message on Hell from Pastor Estep, I bowed my head and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come into my heart and save me. I asked the assistant pastor, Tom Gresham, to take the Bible and show me the verses that I already knew and had learned in Sunday school. I will never forget that day!

After many years of attending Charity, my father graduated from the Bible School and started a Church in Xenia, OH, where I assisted him with the Youth and the Audio ministries. In July of 2003 I was invited by some friends to attend Faith Baptist Youth Camp directed by Pastor David Wood in Pell City, AL. I was 17 years old at this time and I had dreams and goals; none of which included God. Sports were my god. I never planned on attending this Youth Camp; instead I was going to a secular basketball camp that I knew would be nothing but trouble. The Friday before I was to leave for basketball camp, I was involved in a life threatening car accident because I fell asleep at the wheel. The car that I was driving was run over by a dump truck and the trailer that it was pulling and spun out of control. The vehicle ended up wrapped around a tree. The last thing I remember was heading home to see my girlfriend. I woke up briefly after hearing the voice of a firefighter telling someone that it was bad and that I needed to be cut out of the car. After I was in the hospital for several hours, I regained consciousness to find my mother and father crying because they were just told that I may never walk again. To make a long story short, I had been running from the call of the Lord. I was afraid that if I surrendered to him, I would no longer be able to play the sport that I loved and would have to give some things up. It was through this accident, that the Lord showed me that everything is in his hands and it was up to him whether or not I would even be able to walk again. When it was all said and done, I was able to walk out of the hospital the next day with only having to have several stitches in my head. PRAISE THE LORD!

I immediately called my friends from Lebanon Baptist Temple in Lebanon, OH and told them I was going to youth camp! We left the very next Monday morning. In every service God dealt with my heart, and I submitted and surrendered different things in my life to him. CONTINUE ON WHITEOAKIBC.COM

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