Rick Armstrong

Rick was born and saved in Ohio and his wife, Shirley is from California. Both are 1975 graduates of Bob Jones University. Rick later received a Master of Ministry from BJU, and a Doctor of Divinity from Puerto Rico Baptist College. They were married and accepted as Gospel Fellowship Association missionaries in 1976, going to Spain from 1978-1988 planting churches (and where their first four children were born). They have worked to plant Hispanic churches in California with G.F.A. to the present. Rick serves as Coordinator for HIspanic Ministries under G.F.A. and has established both a lay Bible Institute of Christian service and a Ministerial Bible Institute in Antioch, CA to train Hispanic church leaders, pastors and missionaries. He gives conferences and teaches when invited in Bible Institutes, especially in various Spanish-speaking countries. They have five children who also are preachers, teachers, pastors and missionaries in the U.S. and in Mexico.