George Xenophontos

George graduated from Bob Jones University with a BS in Social Studies Education and an MS in Biblical Counseling. In 2002, he joined the faculty of a Christian School in NJ where he taught Bible and Social Studies for eight years. At the same time, he served in his local church as deacon, youth assistant, and visitation-evangelism coordinator. He also did itinerant preaching in several local churches. The Lord called him to pastor in 2010 in the greater Philadelphia area. After over five years of faithful pastoral ministry, the Lord redirected him to teach at a public high school in South Jersey for three years. By the Lord's blessing, he was called to EBC in 2018 where he currently serves as pastor with a team of elders and deacons along with many faithful lay leaders. His desire is have a church that worships God, exalts Christ, proclaims the Gospel, follows the Bible, fellowships together, and serves in the power of the Spirit. George rejoices in the Lord for the privilege of shepherding the flock of God.