Andrew Cammenga

[NOTE: Apologies for the quality of these recordings. The majority of the sermons uploaded to this site were digitized from 1990's cassette tapes recently discovered in a storage box.] The speaker, Rev. Andrew Cammenga II, was translated to glory in 2019. He was known for practical and comforting preaching, and intentionally speaking to the hearts of the children in his audiences. In 1961, he began struggling with the Spirit's call to the pulpit ministry. Two years later, finally submitting to that prompting, Cammenga began a 7-year journey of college and seminary while supporting a wife and four children. He served as lead pastor in congregations in Brookfield, WI (1970-1976); Lynden, WA (1976-1985); and Escondido, CA (1985-2000). Rev. Cammenga was involved in the formation of the Federation of the United Reformed Churches of North American (URCNA) and a contributor to a curriculum of doctrine and apologetics for grades 5-12.

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