Keith Malcomson

Keith Malcomson was born in 1972, in Banbridge, Northern Ireland and is the youngest son of Will and Leila Malcomson. Keith was saved at the age of four and a half years old in Hadley, Shropshire, England, where his father, Will, was pastor of a Elim Pentecostal Church. At the age of five Keith's family moved to Scotland for a short time where Will ministered in another church. Keith was seven years old when they returned to their hometown of Banbridge, Northern Ireland. Throughout his childhood Keith enjoyed sweet and precious times of fellowship with Christ who would draw near to him in deep communion, fellowship and revelation. He remembers clearly the first time partaking of the Lord's Table at eight years of age. Most of his schooling was in Banbridge, but was sadly marred by a terrible struggle with dyslexia.

At 13 years old, after a year of hungering for more of the Lord, Keith was baptized in the Holy Ghost. It took place under the ministry of Sandy Thompson in the Railway Mission in Belfast. Two years later at a point of dryness he recieved another mighty filling. When Keith was 15 years old, his father was suddenly diagnosed with bowel cancer. He was given a maximum of three days to live. The doctors and surgeons could do nothing for him; they held out no hope. The next day the elders of the church prayed the prayer of faith and anointed him with oil with the result that Will was immediately healed and raised up. Will then led a mission at the Church in Hadley, England, where Keith had been saved. It was here that Keith was then baptised in water in a nearby river, not far from a gypsy camp. At the same time, a number of the gypsies of the Harry Lee family were baptised. Over the next three years until his father went to be with the Lord he organized a few evangelistic missions to other lands as well as traveling to preach and testify regularly within Northern Ireland. The Lord had turned three days into three years.

In 1989, Keith joined the Royal Engineers and served for one year in the Junior Leaders in Dover, England. After about a month in the Army, he placed his Bible at the bottom of his bag and went out drinking for the first time with army friends. This led to a period of several months of continual drunkeness at every opportunity possible. Most of the time he drank in order to hide from the terrible conviction of the Holy Spirit. Throughout this whole time the Lord Jesus Christ wooed him with His lovingkindness.

Finally during an excercise in Kent, whilst being trained in helicopter manouvres, the helicoptor Keith was due to board within five minutes, crashed to the ground. Two of the young men who were killed in that crash were just 17 years old. On the weekend just prior to the fatal crash, Keith had lain on a beach drunk

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