Brian Mann

Brian J. Mann is pastor at Catherine Lake Baptist Church. He was called into the gospel ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ in 1999, began pastoring in 2000, obtained degrees from Southeastern (Biblical Studies) and Southwestern Baptist Seminaries (Theological Studies), and began ministering as the Pastor of Catherine Lake in January 2009. Pastor Mann’s ordination charge was to be a faithful shepherd who feeds the sheep, finds them, flees from sin, and focuses on the Savior. Building upon this charge, he aims to promote a humility in humanity and a high view of God through hope in Jesus Christ; preach the doctrines of grace (otherwise known as Calvinism); and propagate biblically-exegeted, gospel-exalting, church-edifying theology with confidence in Christ. Brian, his wife of twenty-six years—Sherry, and their three daughters enjoy learning God’s Word together and applying their theology to every aspect of life and learning. You can contact Brian at In addition Brian writes at