Brad Jones

Brad Jones became a Christian in 1979 at the age of 19. He was ordained as a minister by the Mission Blvd. Baptist Church in 1986. Brad was raised in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, before being led of the Lord to attend the University of Arkansas in 1978. He became a Christian during his freshman year of college.

In 1982 during his early college years, Brad volunteered at the Fayetteville Christian School (FCS) as a social studies teacher, janitor, and bus driver. After he received his undergraduate degree from the University of Arkansas, the Lord called him to full time ministry at the Mission Blvd. Baptist Church, specifically to the ministry at FCS. Brad earned his Master’s degree in Educational Administration in 1986, and he has served as Superintendent of FCS since that time.

Brad considers it a great privilege to be a part of MBBC and specifically of FCS, where he has been surrounded by a volunteer staff for well over thirty years. It is easy to lead those who follow Christ. The constant sacrifice of the staff during the history of FCS has served to motivate him to remain faithful to this ministry. Brad’s three grown children graduated from FCS. His wife, Michelle, has volunteered as the “lunchroom lady” for nearly twenty years.

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