Max Barnett

Dr. Max Barnett has given his life working with university students and their leaders. After graduating from Texas A&M and after completing one year at SWBTS, he assumed the position as Baptist Student Director at 3 campuses in Dallas while finishing seminary. A year and one-half later, he and his wife, Sandra, moved to Norman, OK, where he served as Baptist Student Director at the University of Oklahoma for over 37 years. Recently the IMB stated that there are more IMB missionaries from Oklahoma University that any state school in America. He retired in 2004 and finished his doctorate at Midwestern Seminary. He developed the collegiate ministry classes at Midwestern and Southwestern Seminaries. Dr. Barnett teaches collegiate ministry week-long classes during the January and May I-terms. He is currently also the volunteer state director for Colorado Christian Challenge, the Southern Baptist churches' outreach on Colorado campuses.

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