Pastor Joe Hester

Joe was born into an “unchurched” family in 1979. He grew up knowing very little if anything about the gospel until his late teens. The Lord graciously saved him in 2000 from a life of sin and pursuit of the world. After diligently searching the Scriptures, he began to see Reformation truth, and thus the search began for a church that held to these doctrines. This search led him and his family to Redeemer Baptist in 2004. It was at Redeemer that he was nourished by the preaching of the Word and began to mature in his understanding of Scripture (a process that is still ongoing). Joe was ordained for the gospel ministry in 2010.

In September of 2001 Joe married his wife, Courtney, and together they have seven children: Chandler, Jaiden, Josiah, Eli, Haddon, Hudson, and Joseph.

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