Garry Mayes

Pastor Garry Mayes has been involved in ministry to the church of Jesus Christ in a variety of capacities. Garry first ministered in the area of Christian education, having been a teacher of math and science to middle and high school students in a private Christian school for five years, and he and his wife Florence homeschooled their three children through high school. In terms of church office, Garry served as a deacon at Colleyville Presbyterian Church, PCA, and later was ordained to the office of Ruling Elder in an Orthodox Presbyterian Church, formerly in Denton, Texas. He was ordained as a Teaching Elder in the Covenant Presbyterian Church (CPC) in 2006, initially serving in a CPC church in Wise County, Texas, and now ministering as the Organizing Pastor for the mission church plant in Denton. Garry’s educational background reflects his passion for the discipleship of the saints, both young and old, obtaining a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University, Master of Science in Computer Education, and a Ph.D. in Educational Computing, both from University of North Texas.