Rev. Ken G. Smith

As a son of the manse and life-time pastor in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, Ken Smith began his ministry in 1952 in Pittsburgh. He later became the denomination's Director of Christian Education for fourteen years. A year of service with the RPC of Ireland was followed by two years in missionary service on the Island of Cyprus. In 1974 he returned to Pittsburgh to pastor Covenant Fellowship RPC for over eighteen years, followed by nearly 10 years at RPC of Syracuse, when he resigned from the fulltime pastorate. At the present he with his wife ministers to their grandchildren and to needs in the church at large as called upon, which service has taken him to various states and countries.

In 1956 he was married to Floy Moody, a staff member of The Navigators, and they were blessed with three sons and now twelve grandchildren. They live with their eldest son Ken and his wife and six children (and a chocolate lab!) in Beaver Falls.

Following service in the Navy near the end of WW II, he completed his bachelor degree at Geneva College and enrolled in RPTS. He has served on the boards of Wilkinsburg Christian School, RPTS, and Geneva College where he chaired the Board of Trustees for seven years. He has lectured in the RPTS and been a faculty member of the Ottawa Theological Hall since its start. He and Floy have authored two books published by IV Press, and currently are the authors of Learning to be a Family, published by GCP.

For fun he enjoys golf and sailing, and has restored a wooden motor boat. He enjoys music, singing, playing guitar; and he likes a challenging game of Scrabble.