Pastor Kent Kelly

It was Pastor Kelly’s vision and desire to provide a Christian education for children in this community that, with the Lord’s help, brought our Christian school into existence in 1973. He was our leader and inspiration for the next 31 years. In April, 2003, he suffered a total disabling stroke. Pastor Kelly’s presence is sorely missed, and he is still greatly loved and appreciated by those of us that he served so sacrificially. He had several strokes leading up to his last one in 2003 so you may notice a difference in his speech in some of his newer sermons.
Pastor Roy Kent Kelly, 65, of Southern Pines, NC, went to be with the Lord he loves on Friday night, August 1, 2008. He was surrounded by his family and many of his friends.
Pastor Kelly served in the US Coast Guard and then returned to Southern Pines. He soon after served as Pastor of Calvary Memorial Church and eventually founded the Creation Museum located in the Christian Bookstore in downtown Southern Pines. The Store and Museum are now owned by Calvary Memorial Church. He was very instrumental in getting legislation passed in NC that would protect Church School Ministries from state encroachment and also a major part of the establishment of the North Carolina School Association.

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