David Spaggiari

I consider myself an expository Bible teacher, preacher, and Biblical counselor. I view these as my primary spiritual life assignments as described in Ephesians 2:10. I strive to hold firm to the trustworthy Word of God in every area of my life and I work diligently to faithfully give instruction in sound doctrine in every way the Lord provides for me to do so.

I am passionate about teaching and preaching God’s Word without compromise. My desire as a Pastor is to lead people to a closer relationship with the Lord through the accurate and faithful exposition of God’s Word, to come alongside people in their own personal sanctification, and to counsel people in the truth of God’s Word. I believe this is the greatest expression of loving those God has placed in my care any pastor can practice.

Many times, people ask me my favorite Bible passage. It is impossible to label one verse or passage as my “favorite”; however, Psalm 119:18 is a verse that I lean on heavily and anchors me to my reliance upon the Lord in all I do.

I consider serving as a Pastor the greatest job a man can have. I love what I do with every fiber of my being and eagerly look forward to beginning my day every morning.