Mike Renihan

Dr. Mike Renihan is the present pastor at Heritage Baptist Church. He studied at Worcester State College (B.A. in History); Reformed Theological Seminary (MA); Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, and the University of Coventry, England (M. Phil and PhD). He is an Adjunct Professor of History at Worcester State College. For many years he served on the Executive Committee of the New England Reformed Fellowship (NERF). He serves on the Administrative Council of the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA), where he also chairs the Theology Committee. Mike enjoys digital photography, playing the concertina and autoharp, reading, preaching, and his morning coffee (decaf please). Mike is most passionate about his work as Executive Director of Mission::Ireland. The prospects of long-term reform across the Emerald Isle are looking better and better. He holds Irish citizenship and travels on an Irish passport. (Who needs a magic carpet when you have an Irish passport?) Mike has been married to Sue for 27 years and they have six wonderful and fun-loving children. (Their names have been withheld to protect the innocent).

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