Dr. John Reynolds

Pastor John Reynolds was born in Spencer, West Virginia and after graduating from Spencer High School he attended Tennessee Temple College in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Upon graduation from college he began his church ministry working in two different churches over the next two years and then returned to Chattanooga to attend Temple Baptist Seminary and graduated in 1968.

He is married to Becky whom he met in Bible college. They were married in 1964 and she has helped him in each place of ministry where they have served. Among her many gifts and talents, Becky is a concert pianist with truly a servant’s heart. God blessed them with four children and 13 grandchildren.

His work experience includes many positions in Christian work as a pastor, associate pastor, youth minister and minister of music. He has also served as the president of a Christian recording company and 13 years as the assistant editor of a Christian publication, and then he was the Vice President of Development of his alma mater.

In November, 1996, he accepted the invitation of four families to come to Central Florida and with them to start a church which became known as Volusia County Baptist Church. The growth and success of the ministry in Orange City has been unusual and continues to be so. Dr. Reynolds has for many years preached in churches and conferences across this nation and in many foreign countries. His zest for life is unabated and he often says these are the best days of his life. His enthusiasm for life in the service of the Lord is evident in his ministry.