Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond

Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond is the pastor of the Reformed Bible Church in Central Virginia @ Appomattox which is committed to the Reformed tradition of "Sola Scriptura", with a strong emphasis upon the Christian’s Cultural Mandate of Genesis 1:28. Originally established in 1992 in Suffolk County New York, Rev. Raymond, along with others of the RBC session, expanded the ministry in 1998 by planting a church in Virginia, and by 2001 established an The Institute for Theonomic Reformation ( In 2009 the work continued to expand with the establishment of The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy (; an undergraduate, graduate and seminary level scholarship training entity. Dr. Raymond is a graduate of Whitefield Theological Seminary, holds a Masters degree from Whitefield, and a doctorate from Almeda Theological University. The Reformed Bible church is affiliated with The Alliance of Reformed and Theonomic Churches (ARTC) of which Dr. Raymond is a founding member. Regnum enim Christi, Deo Vindice!

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