Theo Van Blerk

Rev. J.A.T (Theo) van Blerk Pastor Theo van Blerk was born and raised in South Africa. He was raised by Christian parents, Gert and Rina van Blerk. He professed his faith at the age of sixteen in the Reformed Church of Reddersburg, that is part of the Reformed Churches in South Africa. After he graduated from high school, he studied at the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Industrial Psychology and Industrial Sociology, after which he finished graduate studies in Industrial Sociology. He ignored the calling of the Lord twice, but in 1985 he could not ignore the conviction that he was called to ministry any longer. He started his Theological Studies and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and finished, what was then called a Candidates Degree in Theology, which in the USA, is the equivalent of the M.Div.

At university he met Lidia in the university choir. They have been happily married since December 15, 1984. Pastor Theo served two churches in the Reformed Churches in South Africa, Magol Reformed Church, and Wapadrant Reformed Church. The Lord called him and his family to ministry in the USA in 2002. He served in Meadow Creek Presbyterian Church (Westminster Presbytery) and Harvestwood Presbyterian Church (Blue Ridge Presbytery) until he was called to Grace Presbyterian Church (Central Florida Presbytery) at the end of 2019, where he is currently serving. He just celebrated thirty years of fulltime ministry. Through all these years Lidia has been a faithful partner in ministry.

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