Biblical Archaeology - The Window Into The Past

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The Window into the Past

The Bible is a Book that came from a geographic place, that place is long ago and far away.

The origin for each of the words is from beyond earth, since God Himself breathed out each word. But the writing down of the text of each book, that makes up the Book of Books called the Bible, took place on three continents: Europe (some of Paul's Epistles), Africa (some of Moses' writings), and Asia (where most of the Bible was written and took place in the Middle East and Asia Minor).

Archaeology is one of the seven ways we can know that God's Word can be trusted. There has never been any archaeological finding that has disproved any portion of the Bible.

On the contrary, it has now become common for Israeli archaeologists to study the text of the Old Testament as they dig to know where to find the places described in the Bible.

To best understand Biblical Archaeology we need to understand some of the key terms and elements of Archaeology. The first is that the longer people live in an area the deeper the levels of their occupation become. For example the Biblical city of Megiddo has over 20 layers of occupation by one group after another.

When Archaeologists come they carefully dig down one layer at a time, getting further into the past as they dig.

Periods of Biblical Archaeology 

Everything happened somewhere (that is Geography), and sometime (that is History); and when you combine those two ideas into the Land of the Book you get Biblical Archaeology (finding remains of where things happened and when).

To God the single most important geographic location on Earth is where Christ was Dedicated by His parents, where He taught many of His key t

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