Judah's Sin & God's Judgments


All men and women need to understand that the decisions that they make are under the direct scrutiny of God, and since He made us for His good pleasure, He has the sovereign right to pronounce judgments upon us at any time; judgments that are in accordance with our works. It appears to me from what is written about Judah later on in the narrative of the story of Joseph that he was one of God's Elect. But at this point in his life, he is not yet converted. God would have to teach Judah many great lessons concerning his sinfulness before he would come to really know Him. Some of these lessons are in the form of unexpected judgments. What are the unexpected judgments that God chose to bring upon Judah and his family because of their poor and sinful decisions? I believe, as we look at this text, that we can see that there were 4 sovereign acts of judgment which were brought upon Judah and his family because they were unwise.

Sep 8, 2019
Sunday - AM
Genesis 38; Psalm 75:2-8
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