Old Testament Messianic Prophecies Part 12a or Part 12 Sermon A


Gavin says, "we are commanded…in I Peter 2:17, 'Fear God. Honour the king' … given that Accession Day of King Charles III falls on 8 September which is Nativity of the Blessèd Virgin Mary's Day, coming ninth months after…the Conception of the Blessèd Virgin Mary, it is to be hoped that in these sad times of the mass murder abortion industry of the Western World…, that in praying to God on Accession Day such prayers as the words of the Accession Day Collect…'O God…vouchsafe so to bless thy servant our King, that under him this nation may be wisely governed,' that in this realm & elsewhere, lawmakers & judges might turn God-ward &…act to protect unborn children from being murdered in abortion." "In the matters focused on today in Old Testament Messianic Prophecies Parts 12a, 12b, & 12c, the Old Testament points at Isaiah 11:2 in what contains both specificity & yet is also a shadowy way to the details of how the specificity was to be worked out in Christ's public ministry, & so from Isaiah 11:2 we can identify in it Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the prophesied Messiah, though we don't find the greater detail that we thank God we now have in the 4 Holy Gospels ... ." "And so we shall in today's 3 sermons, be considering in connection with Isaiah 11:2 & Revelation 4:5 & 5:6, the fact that 1stly, with respect to the issue of Messianic prophecy, the sevenfold gifts of the Spirit are found in a special prophetic way in the anointing by the Spirit of the Christ as foretold in Isaiah 11:2; & 2ndly, as taught in such Book of Revelation references as Revelation 4:5 & 5:6, in a derivative way the sevenfold gifts of the Spirit are more generally found in Christian believers."

Sermon ID 9823923257995
Duration 2:09:13
Date Sep 8, 2023
Category Teaching
Bible Text Isaiah 11:2; Revelation 4:5
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