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New Heart, New Spirit_31Ezekiel 35:1-15 Dangers Mt. Seir (Edom) Can't Dodge!sometimes we find ourselves and our family in dangerous situations.A natural catastrophe, accident, disease, assault, or even a misjudgment can put our lives in peril. However, there are some dangers in life that we can avoid. If we do not, we have no one to blame but ourselves when we find ourselves in serious trouble.Using Edom as an example, Ezekiel describes six dangers we must avoid if we wish to escape God's judgment. 14. Because of their deep-seated hatred for the Jews, the Edomites were the worst offenders. Edom represents all the nations that have occupied Israel.Through His prophet, the Lord told the exiles that a day was coming when He would execute judgment upon all the wicked nations who had rejected Him and His eternal plan for the world. In that day, God would remove them from the land so the Jews could return and rebuild their nation. Edom's fate warns us of the danger of greed and covetousness. Lusting after more and more of anything can consume the human spirit.Our body and mind can be given over to thinking about and grasping for the things of this world. Just thinking about getting a larger home and more furnishings consumes the time and energy of many people.Anything—person, place, or possession—can become the consuming desire that dominates our lives.God would reveal Himself to Israel and to a watching world through His judgments upon Edom.

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Duration 47:53
Date Sep 6, 2023
Category Bible Study
Bible Text Ezekiel 35
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