Exodus 11 The Insanity of Sin

41 ( 34 | 7 )

Nine plagues have passed. But unlike the rest of the narrative, Exodus 11 doesn't move right into the tenth plague. Instead, it threatens the final plague and foretells the results. If God is so angry with Egypt, why would he bother give them any warning? Maybe more importantly - does God give warning to us today and, if he does, why does he do it? Perhaps God is warning you about something right now and you're currently facing the same choice as Pharaoh. What will you do? Will you desperately hold on to your sin and face the results? Or will you repent and throw yourself into the arms of a loving God who wants to offer you mercy and grace?

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Duration 27:01
Date Sep 6, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Exodus 11
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