Givers and Receivers

52 ( 40 | 12 )

There is a relationship established between the giver and the receiver, between the gift given and the gift applied. It is a nuanced relationship and needs some thought. We considered the privilege of being God's people last week, but there is also privilege in the service of God, both in the service directly in occupations of Kingdom labor, and in the participation in that labor through acts of support. In other words, HOW you give, and how you think about the giving matters as much as what you give. There is submission worked into giving, not submission to the person in our setting, but submission to Him who is represented and to the Kingdom which is the ultimate goal of all. This submission must then also apply to those who lead, to those who are the ones supported by the gifts.

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Duration 56:33
Date Sep 3, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Hebrews 7:4-5
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