Where Can Wisdom Be Found


In the first 11 verses of this passage, we see the diligence of man in his labors in mining for silver and refining gold. We see it in his taking iron from the earth, and smelting copper from ore. In these things which have earthly value to him, a man who does not know God can be extremely diligent to accomplish all of his purposes.
In verse 10 it says that his eye sees everything that is precious to him. And what is hidden from him, he brings it forth to light. But when we get to verse 12, we find this statement – "But where can wisdom be found?" "And where is the place of understanding?" "Man does not know its value." This is what we want to look at more carefully. What is precious to man, and what should be precious to man, we want to consider in terms of our finding God's wisdom. Let me give you 3 principles concerning finding God's wisdom.
Before we partake of the Lord's Supper I would like us to think of these things in relation to all that the Father has given us in His Son, for our salvation. Because wisdom can only ultimately be found, in and through, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Duration 42:32
Date Sep 3, 2023
Category Sunday Afternoon
Bible Text Job 28; Proverbs 8:22-36
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