Answering Islam #6: Do the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition Prove Christianity False

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In particular this series focuses on the arguments used by leading Muslim apologist & teacher Dr. Jamal Badawi, head of the "Islamic Information Foundation" located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, although others are referenced to as well. Dr Badawi had actually provided Larry Wessels with complete audio soundtrack albums of his many broadcasts played on Canadian TV which featured such subjects as : "Islamic Teachings - Jesus: Beloved Messenger of Allah - Trinity, Atonement & Blood Sacrifice; Crucifixion; Resurrection; Roots of "God Incarnate;" Authority & Authenticity of Scripture; Jesus in Islam; The Second Coming of Jesus; Titles of Jesus;" & also "The Qur'an: Ultimate Miracle" where he argues why the Qur'an is true. Not only does Dr Badawi attack virtually every key Biblical concept concerning Jesus Christ (the incarnation, blood atonement, resurrection, the way of salvation, the very nature of God) but Badawi likewise attacks the trustworthiness, reliability & validity of the Bible on every level & tries to replace it with the Qur'an. This "Answering Islam" presentation series became a reality after Larry Wessels went through more than 60 hours of Dr Badawi's arguments in detail. In this episode Badawi uses history such as the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, & early Unitarianism to argue that Jesus is not God & the Trinity is false but his arguments fail as usual. Part 6 of 10.
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Sep 4, 2011
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