The Dreams & The Interpretation


We see here in these verses, that prophetic dreams were given to these men in who were in the prison with Joseph; the chief butler and the chief baker. They were dreams which would require Joseph's help in interpreting them. With his help, they would be able to know what their dreams meant, and what would become of them. My proposition to you this morning from this passage is this: The dreams that these two men had, are representative of the dreams of unbelieving people; how they think when they find themselves in the prison which their own sinful actions have brought them into. Let us understand that we cannot always give people a good interpretation of their dreams, but we can give them the gospel. And we can share God's word with them. What is it then, that you and I can learn from, by the way that Joseph used his prophetic gift of interpreting dreams, that will help us in our learning to minister to people around us? I believe that in these verses, that Joseph has given us 3 good lessons of how we can effectively share the gospel with people around us who are looking for a favorable interpretation to their life.

Sep 29, 2019
Sunday - AM
Genesis 40; Psalm 105:16-22
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