They Preached The Gospel


1.) Preach the gospel : Feed the sheep - John 21:15

2.) At Pentecost the Holy Spirit gave the ability to preach in languages of various parts of the world - Acts 1:6-8, 2:1-13

3.) Peter preached the gospel while declaring that they had murdered the Lord Jesus Christ. As a result many were saved and added to the church - Acts 2:14-36

4.) Peter preached the gospel after healing the lame man who laid at the temple gate - Acts 3:13

5.) Peter preached the gospel to the Sanhedrin court - Acts 4:5

6.) Peter preached the gospel after being released from prison - Acts 4:23-31

7.) Stephen preached the gospel to the council of priests and was stoned for it. Saul was present and consenting - Acts 6-7

8.) Philip preached the gospel to the Ethiopian eunuch - Acts 8:26-40

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Duration 51:20
Date Sep 1, 2013
Category Sunday Afternoon
Bible Text Mark 16:15-18; Matthew 28:19-20
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