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New Heart, New Spirit_34 Ezekiel 38:1-23The Lord's Deliverance of Israel from the Evil Prince Gog: A Picture of God Protecting His People. In Ezekiel 38, we now start to see the Jewish people returning to the land. Jews will have returned to Israel from many nations to resettle and rebuild the desolate land. They will be living in peace and security when the evil ruler Gog suddenly marches against them. Gog's massive army will descend on Israel like a storm and cover the land like a dark cloud. But keep in mind what is happening behind the scenes. God is at work, preparing to demonstrate His power to overrule these evil nations. He will arouse these evil nations to mobilize for war so that He can lead them to destruction.God has the power to overrule the evil of both nations and individuals. Whatever evil confronts us, God's omnipotent, unlimited, infinite power can conquer it. There is no limit to what God can and will do for us. He will work all things out for our good. The LORD warns us all that a day of judgment coming. And the day has already been determined. It is set, fixed. And it is inevitable. Nothing will stop God from executing justice and judgment upon earth.

Sermon ID 926231628547744
Duration 57:49
Date Sep 24, 2023
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Ezekiel 38
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