Authority Over Disease


Most of us have heard the saying about something that goes like this: "We're too close to the trees to see the forest." I think this often happens to us in our lives. We are so focused on our problems and troubles that we can't see the larger picture. This is a problem for us in life and can cause difficulties. But it can really cause problems for us when we are looking at God. It is the reason that the disciples were afraid in the boat. They were focused on the storm and forgot who was in the boat. Join us as we look at another miracle that Jesus does and ask what it is teaching us when Jesus heals the woman who has a been sick and unclean for 12 years with a flow of blood. Let's make sure that we don't just focus on the trees, but that we see the whole forest.

Sermon ID 92523652455184
Duration 42:05
Date Sep 24, 2023
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Mark 5:21-34
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