The Scent of a Saint

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In this section of Scripture Jesus comes back to Bethany, the place where He raised Lazarus from the dead. And the Bethany family is making an honorific meal for Jesus. Martha is serving Christ and giving Him an offering of food while Lazarus is reclining and resting with Jesus. Serving Christ and resting in Christ are two main characteristics of a Christian. Mary then presents her offering and anoints Jesus with costly perfume, something that is worth over a year's salary of a worker, something that was likely her inheritance. She anointed Him like the king in Song of Solomon in humble devotion to her Lord. But Judas Iscariot protested to this use of the nard perfume and gave a falsely pious plea to sell it for the poor. John informs us that Judas was in charge of the money bags for Jesus and the apostles and would steal coins. Deceiving others with false concern and thievery are two main characteristics of a false Christian. Christians can also participate in faux concern for others in the guise of righteousness. We must repent of this. Jesus, however, defends Mary and states this was for His burial. He shows them He is the most important; they will always have the poor to minister to but not always have Him. A mere mortal could not claim such priority and preeminence. This only makes sense in light of who Jesus is according to the Prologue. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Otherwise, it would be arrogant. All throughout Scripture the LORD God is pleased with soothing aromas; with the sacrifices and offerings presented to Him. Here Martha has the aroma of service as she brings Jesus food.

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Date Sep 24, 2023
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Bible Text John 12:1-11
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