May this Church Remember Your Name Like Gaius

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This sermon looked at the name and witness of the 3 or 4 men named Gaius in the NT, mostly studying 3 John written entirely to a "Gaius," in connection with Pastor and his wife revealing the chosen name of their eighth covenant child and fifth covenant son, Gaius Ezekiel Van Leuven.

Disclaimer: it was said there are 15 verses in 3 John. In English there are 14. Pastor worked with the Greek and in his printed copy there are 15 verses and that influenced him to think he must have missed noting the numbers (the text is the same). He plans to look into this to understand, but in English there are 14 verses.

John says Christians, especially Church leaders, need to be reliably hospitable in brotherly love for Christ's truth with one another, especially other Christian leaders, even when other leaders in the Church make it hard to do. May this Church Remember Your Name Like Gaius.

Sermon ID 92523215594190
Duration 50:23
Date Sep 25, 2023
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text 3 John 1-14; Revelation 3:5
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