[09/24/2023 AM] - “God’s Passion; Man’s Poison” - Mark 12:1-12

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As we gather on the Lord's day in the morning we will return to our study of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as recorded by Mark. We are at Mark 12.1-12, which is a very important parable of the Lord. We will consider the teaching of the parable with several applications, and then ask the question whether we have heard. There is help for us in this text.

Scripture Reading: Mark 12:1-12
Text: Mark 12.1-12
Message: "God's Passion; Man's Poison"

Theme: Jesus' parable shows the reality of His own arrival for a sinful people

  1. God planted a vineyard, expecting growth

  2. God shows His patient love for His vineyard

  3. God reveals His holy judgment against those who reject His love

  4. The hearers of parables must ask if they have heard

Sep 24, 2023
Sunday Service
Mark 12:1-12
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