A Called Preacher


erhaps you have heard the expression a call to preach or a call to the ministry. Exactly what does this mean? How does it work?
This podcast looks at a few examples of men called in the New Testament time and to two quotes of statements from Paul on the called ministry of the Word. It begins with Paul's account of his own call to preach God's truth to the Gentiles. Then to his younger friend Timothy who has also been called to the work of an Overseer, bishop, pastor, teacher elder. These are all synonymously to refer to men called to preach-teach-exhort the Word, the inspired writings of the Old and New Testament to people especially within the assemblies, congregations to enable God's people for the work of ministry.

Sermon ID 92323556461548
Duration 16:31
Date Sep 23, 2023
Category Podcast
Bible Text 1 Timothy 3:3; Ephesians 4:11-14
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