Joseph Overcoming Temptations


The lesson that we want to learn from Joseph in this passage is that when we are undergoing our greatest trials that God can still be spiritually prospering us in His sight, even so. Even though Joseph had been taken captive into Egypt, and even though he did not have the influences of any other godly person with him, and even though he did not have any book of the Scriptures to direct him, still the Lord was with him in the most difficult of temptations, to watch over him, and to work all things together for his good. God did this in order to fulfill His greater purpose in Joseph's life; to make Joseph a holy man of God, and to prepare him to be the leader of a nation. So the question that we want to ask at this hour is this. In what ways was the Lord with Joseph so that he prospered in everything that he did? Because, even though Joseph was in extremely difficult circumstances, we find that the Lord was with him in certain, very definite ways. Let me give you the 4 ways that I see, that the Lord made Joseph to prosper in all that he did.

Sep 22, 2019
Sunday - AM
1 Thessalonians 4:1-8; Genesis 39
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