Sins of Christians Provoke God More Than Sins of Wicked


Tonight we study Thomas Watson's teaching on the second part of the sixth petition of the Lord's Prayer, "And Deliver Us from Evil," with how the sins of God's people provoke Him more than the sins of the wicked. First, because the godly have a principle of grace to restrain us; Second, because God's people sin against more mercy; Third, because the sins of the godly sin against clearer illumination; Fourth, because the sins of the godly are against great experiences; Fifth, because they sin against their sonship; Sixth, because they are committed against more vows and engagements; Seventh, because they bring greater reproach upon religion; Eighth, because they encourage and harden wicked men in sin. Thus, Christians " ... above all others, beware of presumptuous sin. Your sins wound conscience, weaken grace, and do more highly provoke God than the sins of others, and God will be sure to punish you (Amos 3:2) ... Though God does not blot you out of his book, yet he may cast you out of his presence. Psa 51:11. ... You may feel such lashes in your conscience, that you may roar out and think yourselves half in hell."

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Duration 50:16
Date Sep 20, 2023
Category Midweek Service
Bible Text Amos 3:2; Mark 9:42
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