The Cold-Water Committee from Judaea_11

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The Cold-Water Committee from Judaea_11 Acts 15:1-35 The Life of the Apostle Paul Men from Judea (The Cold-water Committee) came to Antioch teaching the necessity of circumcision and keeping the Law. Paul and Barnabas disputed this, and the decision was made to send them to Jerusalem to talk with the apostles and elders. Along the way, Paul and Barnabas described the conversion of the Gentiles which caused great joy.
At Jerusalem Paul and Barnabas first reported to the whole church. When Pharisees who were believers said that circumcision and keeping the Law of Moses were necessary, the apostles and elders met to discuss the issue further. After much dispute, Peter spoke of how God chose him to be the first to preach the gospel to the Gentiles, how God acknowledged them by giving them the Holy Spirit, and how God made no distinction, purifying their hearts through faith. Peter thus questioned why they should put a yoke on the Gentiles that even they themselves were unable to bear. Rather, by the grace of the Lord both Jews and Gentiles could
be saved in the same manner. Barnabas and Paul again reported the miracles and wonders God had done through them among the Gentiles.James, the Lord's brother, offered Amos' prophecy in support of what Peter said. He then recommended they not trouble the Gentiles, but that a letter be written asking them to abstain from things offered to idols, blood, things strangled, and sexual immorality. The apostles and elders, with the whole church, agreed to send the letter, and to have Judas and Silas accompany Paul and Barnabas to confirm its authenticity.The letter,approved by the Holy Spirit,was delivered and received in Antioch.

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Acts 15:1-35
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