All, Many, and Some: The covenant community by example and in application


God's covenant with old Israel and their exodus from Egypt through the sea to the land promised to Abraham provides types (in KJV as "examples" and "ensamples") for the church, new Israel, to be applied to God's people, his covenant community. All were under the old covenant and all in the community are under the new covenant: both individuals and households. Beginning with faith and continuing with works, all are to believe and do what God has commanded. Yet, within the covenant community, there are those who do not believe and do not do what God commands and they receive the wrath and vengeance of God as a result of their unfaithfulness and rebellion. As it was in old Israel, so it is in the Israel of God, the church. The church, its households, and its individuals within its community, are those who are the blessed witnesses of the transition from the type of the old Jewish and pagan ages to the reality of the new Christian age, and therefore are accountable to God to obey him in both type and command.

Sermon ID 91923115719511
Duration 37:01
Date Sep 17, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text 1 Corinthians 10:1-11
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