Eleventh Century


Eleventh Century: Truth Triumphant Despite Decline

The eighth to tenth centuries perpetuated the decline in spirituality and the increase in formalism.

I. The prediction of truth triumphant despite decline

A. All between Revelation 9.13 and 11.14-15 is under 6th Trumpet.

B. Chapters 12 and 13 also come under the 6th Trumpet.

C. There is some warrant for the view that this period is a long period of time (1260 days = 1260 years. See Numbers 14.34).

II. The notable eleventh century spiritual decline

A. A great calamity: The Great Schism (1054). (John 15.26; Ephesians 5.23; 1 Peter 5.1-3)

B. A great controversy: The Investiture Controversy.

C. A 'great' crusade: The first official crusade (Matthew 5.38-39; Matthew 5.43-45).

III. Witness to the truth in the eleventh century

A. An argument for the existence of God (Acts 17.23-24a).

B. The incarnation. Anselm affirmed that the Saviour came to satisfy the justice of God, which requires the punishment of sin in body and soul eternally. (a) (1 Timothy 2.5-6) (b) (John 1.14) (c) (Hebrews 7.26) (d) (Titus 2.14) (e) (Acts 2.25-27) (f) (Galatians 3.13): (g) (1 Peter 3.18) (h) (Romans 3.23-25) (i) (Romans 3.26) (j) (Acts 4.12)

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Date Sep 17, 2017
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