The Names of God 17

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This is live teaching in which we focus on exposition from scripture. The focus may be on exegesis of the passage, categorical doctrine related to the passage, or the isagogics that assist us in understand the setting and context that impacts interpretation. These teachings are all part of a series, and some information mentioned may depend on previous teaching in the series.

The Names of God, Lesson 17, focuses on the purpose of the introduction of the name of YHWH as a bridge between God and man, presented for man to see and understand God from his human viewpoint but updating his thinking to see things from the divine viewpoint. YHWH is that viewpoint changing name that will always be the correct way to view and understand the character and actions of God toward mankind. HEMET/EMET is introduced as a descriptor of YHWH - communicating the aspect of YHWH that reflect the reliability and stability of YHWH in His faithfulness, loyalty, and integrity, and fidelity to those He covenants with.

Sermon ID 91823337577081
Duration 58:58
Date Sep 17, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Exodus 34:6-7
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