Proverbs 19:20 devotional


Proverb 19:20 devotional. Seeking Godly Counsel.4 Rules for a Ring of Trust. 1. Are they Christian? 2.Are they wise? 3. Will they be honest? 4. Can they be Objective? Life is really Just one continuous series of decisions, but we are not left to figure all this out by our selves. God has given us directions for wise decision making and promises of His divine guidance if we'll listen to Him. The Lord also provides other people who can help us when we don't know what to do. But we must be cautious because not all advice is beneficial. Our goal should always be to seek godly counsel that will aid us in discovering God's will.Remember God is trying to get your attention.You don't need an angel to hear God. You just have to listen to Him.God is trying to give you Godly counsel by saying I have a better plan for your life than you do.His plan is always bigger than your plan.God's plan is harder than your plan.Because God is more interested in your character than in your comfort.He wants you to grow up.The bible teaches us that life is preparation for eternity.God says I want you to do three things. 1.I want you to get to know me not about me.2.I want you to know and discover and fulfill the purpose that i put you on earth for. 3.I want you to develop your talents and skills and I want you to build your character, because that's the only thing you're taking with you into eternity. God wants you to learn to trust Him.Continue to seek counsel from wise and godly people throughout your life.

Sep 18, 2021
Proverbs 19
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