Abiding In The Vine


Abiding in the Vine: Function of a Branch

When NOTHING, does NOT mean NOTHING...

Words like Spirit-filled, fruitful, faithful, joyful, loving, trusting, peaceful, restful, waiting, humble, thriving, overcoming, one who soars, the head and not the tail, are Word that should describe the followers.

Yet, it's all to common for words like, unbelief and fretting and stressed and disturbed and struggling and down and surviving to describe many who claim to put their faith and trust in Jesus.

We can't let this world shift our focus and hinder our fruitfulness

The Four-fold function of a branch in Christ:

  1. Stay connected to it's Vine.
  2. Provide safe passage for the fruit of its Vine.
  3. Hold up or bear the fruit of its Vine.
  4. Fuel for a fire when it's not connected to its life source.

2 Tim. 2:24-26

Standing, walking and running... You got to know how to walk before you can run... and to know how to walk you need to know how to stand. And God promise this... if you stand with Me, I'll not only teach you how to walk with Me, but I'll also equip you to run and soar with me (Isaiah 40:30-31). Standing always comes before walking...

Apr 16, 2022
Sunday - AM
Isaiah 40:30-31; John 15
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