Ecclesiastes part 57 Goads and Nails

Today's podcast is an exerpt from part 16 in the sermon series on Ecclesiastes: "Wise Up." The full message is available at https://darrell-ferguson.com/eccl-12-9-14

If you wanted to keep up with all the new books coming out you would have to read 2700 new books every day (not to mention all the books that have been written before today). And that would not even touch what is on the Internet – blogs, articles, etc. Not even the brilliant, egghead scholars know even a fraction of what is out there. Imagine if you could read and digest all those books and all the books from the past, assimilate all that knowledge, and boil it down to the final bottom line for life. That bottom line is revealed in this passage. Learn it, and you will be ahead of the most educated people in the world.

Oct 3, 2019
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