A Final Warning & Promise to Friends

This week we come to the conclusion and final chapter of our series through Paul's letter to the Romans. Paul sends personal greetings to many of the believers in Rome. Whilst he himself had not yet been there, the gospel he proclaimed had reached Rome, and many who received it had become fellow gospel workers, both at home and abroad.
The faithful obedience of the church in Rome was well known and gave Paul much reason to rejoice. Yet, it also made him warn the believers to watch out for those who would come to deceive and divide the church. As communities of faith we must be watchful and wise, not only with regard to opposition, but to opportunism also, as many seek to serve themselves to the detriment of the gospel community.
However, with this warning comes the sure promise that God will fulfill what he promised all the way back in the Garden– the God of peace will soon crush Satan. Such is the union we have in Christ, the promised offspring of the woman in Genesis 3, that he will do this under the feet of the saints.
What grace we have received in Christ! God's righteousness revealed and fulfilled in him. To the only wise God be glory forevermore through Jesus Christ! Amen.

Sep 18, 2016
Sunday Service
Romans 16
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