Matt Slick Live 09-12-2023


The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry (CARM). During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues!  The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST (3-4 PM, PST)
You can also email questions to Matt using: [email protected], Please put "Radio Show Question" in the Subject line!
You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE!

Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST.

Topics include:
04- Vessels for Christ ministry introduction, Vessels for Christ 331-206-0531 https://vesselsforchrist.org/
32- 2 Corinthians 5:8, is Soul Sleep real, what happens when we die?
41- The Word of Faith movement.
51- Healing, Charismatic gifts.
54- Why should sinners behave morally?

Sermon ID 9132313191809
Duration 48:00
Date Sep 12, 2023
Category Radio Broadcast
Bible Text 2 Corinthians 5:8
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