The Cost of Our Christianity!

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One of our problems as Christians in America is that our
Christianity doesn't COST US anything.
Instead of believing and accepting what Christ said about how
we will suffer and be persecuted as His disciples and
followers in this evil world, instead of taking up our own
personal cross daily, and being intimately associated with
the sufferings of Christ in our lives, we bend over
backward in America to be accommodating to our family,
friends, and to the world.
This…. Because WE HAVE counted the cost of following
Christ, and the cost is more than we are willing to
pay, so, we capitulate and exchange our Christianity
for "a religion" that costs us nothing…. no suffering
shame for the gospel, no cross to bear, and no
persecution or dealing with those that hate us because
we love Christ!
Child of God, that's not Christianity!

Sermon ID 91232227424211
Duration 27:47
Date Aug 30, 2023
Category Midweek Service
Bible Text John 12:25; Luke 14:25-33
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