Spiritual Gifts: Church Guidelines

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Paul concluded his message regarding spiritual gifts - emphasizing his words with fourteen commands. In all of their SERVICES, as they assembled together as a church, they each wanted to make a special contribution to the body. In contrast to their past selfish habits, Paul commanded them to make it their spiritual aim to always love each other with edification. He required that they be in SUBJECTION to each other in three specific areas: (1) recognition - tongues speaking must be interpreted and limited (they were to practice self-control when there was no interpreter); (2) revelation - prophesying had to be overseen and restricted by other prophets (they were to practice self-control when God gave a revelation to a prophet who was seated); and (3) restriction - women in church services were not permitted to speak (they were to practice self-control by subjecting themselves to the men, and by asking any questions they may have with their husbands at home). In SUMMARY, Paul challenged them to elevate God and His Word above themselves: God guides us as our only authority; God grants us prophets who are spiritual and recognize His true words; God gifts individual believers (elevating prophecy over tongues); and God's goal in the church assembled is a self-controlled harmony and orderly teamwork (avoiding selfishness and chaos).

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Duration 1:05:33
Date Sep 12, 2021
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text 1 Corinthians 14:26-40
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