Who Is Your Master?

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Understand that Forgiveness makes no sense according to any other worldview other than Christianity. Any other religion/cults concept of forgiveness takes from the Christian concept of Forgiveness in order to maintain any form of consistency but apart from God, in all reality Forgiveness and the pardoning of offense apart from works is something that is not taught in any other belief system other than Biblical Christianity.

First let us make the case that APART FROM Jesus Christ, Forgiveness is ultimately meaningless; but since Jesus Christ is God and did Forgive His people for their sins, Forgiveness finds purpose in the Cross and the fact we all long to forgive others proves that we are not merely accidentally consciousness, or part of a universal spirit soup. Forgiveness is personal, meaningful, and self-sacrificial.

You cannot serve two Masters, You will ultimately love one and hate the other. And this is where Paul begins his letter to Philemon, in prayer reminding him of the Faith in which he serves the True Master.

Now in Christ, we all submit openly to the Word of God, Jesus Christ the Master of our souls. Once divided by ethnicity, and social status, equal through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Philemon, the Human master of slaves, has a Master Himself, the slave has a Christ as His ultimate master as well. Made equal.

Sep 10, 2023
Sunday Service
Philemon 1-7
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