Who Is Your King?

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The Father has declared Christ is the King of his church. She is ruled by her one King and Savior. From the beginning of the church, false gospel messages have been brought in to pervert the truth. The Judaizers pushed for the Law of Moses to have a place next to Christ. The church is to only hear the voice of her King and Husband, the Lord Jesus Christ. Not the voice of Moses. From the shadows contained in the Law, we preach Christ, not the ordinances and ceremonies of the Law. The Law of Moses is NOT the Believer's rule of life. Christ is! Contrary to Christ, the Pagans also pushed their philosophies and the worship of angels. They were teaching there were other mediators by whom we may approach unto God. They set up other mediators next to Christ. There is one way to the Father. It is through Jesus Christ the Son of God who is the One Mediator between God and men. "Christ is all" (Colossians 3:11). Christ alone saves his people to the uttermost. He is sufficient to save his people given to him by the Father.

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Duration 31:20
Date Sep 10, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Colossians 2:14-19
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