Blinded By Masterful Propaganda

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Our world is designed to deceive, manipulate, and control the decisions we make. We are immersed in an ocean of lies. It is not possible to avoid being influenced and challenged with wrong ideas and narratives. Knowing this is the first step to learning how to protect yourself from deception.
Protecting ourselves from deception is no easy task. It must be intentional. The effort to protect ourselves must match the intensity of Satan's effort to deceive.
If we are not vulnerable to being swayed by words and gimmicks, why do companies spend so much money on marketing? Perhaps, we are more vulnerable than we think. In such a world, you should wonder how many of your thoughts and decisions are really your own.
If businesses can persuade us to think a certain way and to desire their brand of clothing, food, and cars, how much more Satan can make us think we make our own choices about God, morality, and life.

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00:00 Worldview Warfare Summary
04:07 The Warning To Be Vigilant
07:22 Propaganda Must Not Be Dismissed
15:24 Are You Immune To Propaganda?
21:12 The Master Manipulator
23:05 Divide And Conquer
25:53 The Era Of AI Marketing

Sermon ID 911231113125446
Duration 31:13
Date Sep 10, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text 1 Chronicles 12:32; Ezekiel 22:24-25
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